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The Soapbox is a collection of personal pages that are used for letting off steam...!

Have you ever wondered about things that are blatantly wrong with the world - things that you would love to change, but can't? Here are some of mine.

The Effect of Non-Ionising Radiation (Electric Fields) on Humans

There is a lot of discussion about the possible effects on health of exposure to non-ionizing radiation - electromagnetic fields. Every so often this subject comes up because of something in the news. Currently it is the 5G roll-out. There is also a lot of discussion of Havana Syndrome which is thought to be a result of brains being deliberately targeted with microwaves. I have my own theories on these matters, based on my own doctoral work.

The Theory:

Non-ionizing radiation is absorbed by the hemoglobin-oxygen complex species and results in an as yet unidentified short-lived excited state chemical species that has the ability to cause genetic mutations.

I have presented a detailed analysis of the problem here. Please click on the link above and take a quick look.

Artificial Intelligence and the Risks to Humans

Seven Days for Humanity by Ken Trethewey: His shocking new work. Buy it here. We should all be concerned...

Steam Irons

A lot of the things that bug me occur when I feel that I am a victim of capitalism. Too often, we are treated like idiots by big companies. I get this feeling when I look at my steam iron at home...

Child Car Seats

We all know what a child's car seat looks like and when we have two young children we have to spend a lot of money on them. But when the children grow big enough not to need them any more, we must either sell them or take them to landfill centres. (Do they get recycled? I think not.) So how about this terrible waste of plastic material?

Did it ever occur to you that no car is sold that is able to accommodate a child? Isn't that weird? Cars have every gadget and adjustment you can think of, but they cannot seat a child. Isn't it about time that changed?